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Another cause could be that the master cylinder doesn't have any free play. The actuating rod (connection from the pedal) needs to have about 1/16" of clearance from the master cylinder piston when it is released or the bleed port in the end of the  cylinder may not open and the fluid pressure in the line won't bleed off.

Bill Lawrence

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About 15K miles ago I replaced the clutch (1960 BT7) and put in a new throw out bearing.  Recently I heard the dreaded metal-on-metal sound when depressing the clutch peddle.  Upon removing the trans, I found the throw out bearing completely worn down to the steel casting - hence the metal-on-metal sound.  On reassembly, I noted that the clutch slave cylinder put constant thrust on the push rod keeping the bearing in contact with the pressure plate release arms.  Obviously this is what caused the throw out bearing to ware out so fast.  I replaced the master cylinder and blead the system extensively - absolutely no air in the system.  Yet the slave cylinder continues to press the throw out bearing into the pressure plate.  Any ideas as to why this is happening????

Ed O'Neal

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