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Michael MacLean rrengineer.mike at att.net
Sun Apr 10 22:24:49 MDT 2016

OK, I just ordered a Dynamat kit on Amazon along with Dynamat tape and a roller.  A little over $175.00.  Tomorrow I will go to Home Depot and buy a roll of Reflectix insulating material.  This will be bonded to the Dynamat with 3M spray adhesive.  I would like to thank the collective wisdom of the list for the myriad of suggestions for insulating my butt from the heat.  I decided to cut the noise down (Dynamat) and go as inexpensive as possible on the heat insulation.  The Refectix was suggested by more than one list member. One member even stated he has been using it for years and put it on multiple cars running in over 100 degree ambient temps to great success.  Good enough for me.  It is regularly over 100 degrees here in San Bernardino in the summer months.  When I retire, if I move to Arizona like I am planning, I don't expect that aspect to change much.  So, this whole job will be around $200 plus labor to complete and I don't think that is too bad if it works out as well as some of you guys say it will. In deference to David Nock's advice, I will be putting this double layer both inside and outside of the tunnel cover.Mike MacLean
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