[Healeys] ​ Re: 8-way Flasher/brake switch box

Jack Feldman qualitas.jack at gmail.com
Sat Apr 9 04:56:41 MDT 2016

Try this URL for two articles on converting it to all electronic. no Need
for mechanical relays. We do miss Radio Shack. Also, at one time I saw an
ad for someone who would do it for you.


The articles are at the bottom of the page.


> I am contemplating rebuilding a spare unit with 2 dpdt relays. I can find
them on eBay at a sensible price but, in my customary ignorance about amps,
volts, kilowatts and the like, I don?t know what amperage to go for. 5 amps
or 10 amps seems to be the main choice. 5 amp units tend to be smaller
which is good.
> Suggestions would be welcome.
> Any photos or whatever would be appreciated. I was inspired by an article
by Jean Caron. However the version that I?ve got is a rather poor quality
b&w pdf, so anything would help.
> Thanks,
> Simon

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