[Healeys] Clutch fork bushings

Tim Davis BN7 tld6008 at mchsi.com
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Thanks for the informed response I hope I will be able to avoid some of what you have experienced. I now will apply heat to the joint in hopes of loosening things up first. I have a few bellhousings so I can practice a little, all need the fork bushings to some extent except an older one that doesn't have a shaft seal and I didn't want to use that type. 
I see the manual calls the mystery screw the "clutch withdrawal fork screw" doesn't make much sense unless it's meant to be a joke. 
I hope we'll get some additional informed responses. 

Good Luck. 

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I just tried to replace those bushings on my Side Shift Transmission. The tapered pin is supposed to be removed from the transmission side of the Bell Housing. The only problem is the pin is soft and the pin mushroomed larger than the hole in the Fork and Shaft. I ended up having to drill the pin from the engine side of the Bell Housing. The drill drifted which permitted it to exit on the Trans. side of the fork off center. I than cut the end of the pin flush with the fork I was then able to extract the remains of the tapered pin out the engine side of the BH. Now that the pin was extracted the easy part should be to remove the shaft and install new bushings. Not for me. The shaft was seized in the fork and after carefully trying to hammer it out I determined that I was doing unrepairable harm to the shaft. I was able to obtain the correct sized tapered pin from ACE Hardware. I believe it was a no. 02 x 2.00 long tapered pin. I inserted the pin. Filed it smooth on the engine side of the fork and and am willing to live with the slopping bushings. I know this doesn't help but I had to tell someone. Wasted two days and ended where I started. No cigar. 

If anyone can tell me how to remove the shaft I still have the opportunity to do that before attaching the transmission to the engine. 

Question? Does anyone know the purpose of the screw in the end of the shaft? 

Ron Mitchell 
59 BN6 

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Subject: [Healeys] Clutch fork bushings 

I need to replace these on my sideshift transmission. Have it out and bellhousing off but before I damage something is the pin referred to as "taper pin" driven out from the transmission side through access hole in mating surface? Any pointers? 
Another question, Can the throttle crossshaft bushings be replaced with the clutch inplace or is this not obstructing access? 


Tim Davis BN7 

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