[Healeys] Tires for 100-6

Earl Kagna kags at shaw.ca
Sun Sep 27 10:08:43 MDT 2015

All - I had the same problem on my BJ8 - I run 72 spoke Dayton 457F wheels - 
5 inches width, with the same tires - 185/70 15 Vreds.  Slight contact with 
the bump stop box bolts at the rear, which were mounted as per the factory - 
hex head bolts with flat and lock washers.  Solution was to first remove the 
flat washer, then the lock washer.  Next step - I'll probably just use a 
countersunk bolt to gain a bit more clearance.

Wire wheels are made in several widths and offsets, so other peoples' 
results may be different than mine. In my case, the car is as original - no 
chassis or body repair was done at restoration, so no changes to the body 
alignment in that area.  Some Healeys will make slight contact at full lock 
at the lower part of the inner fender - easy enough to 'massage' with a 
rubber mallet.

Earl Kagna
Victoria, B.C.
BJ8, BT7 tri-carb

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I have 72-spoke Daytons on my BJ8; they are 6" wide.  If Dayton has a
6.5" rim they must be new (I haven't looked into them in a while).

I run 185/70 Vreds all round; the rears occasionally rub the bolts on
the bump stops when hard cornering.  Based on this I think 205s would be
too wide.


On 9/26/2015 12:27 PM, Chris Scholz wrote:
> I am looking into buying new 72 spoke Dayton wire wheels for my '59 100-6 
> and will also get new tires at the same time.
> Thinking about running staggered sizes --- I am making much more 
> horsepower than stock and was looking at using Vredestein 205/70HR15 for 
> the rear which are 26.3" in diameter and section width is 8.2".
> Front tires could remain stock (165/15) which are 25.43" by Firestone or 
> Vredestein.
> Are 205 section tires too wide for Dayton rims?  Coker says they are fine. 
> Believe 72 spoke Daytons are 6.5" wide.
> Wondering how it will look with staggered sizes. Anybody else try this? 
> Thanks.
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> Chris Scholz OD

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