[Healeys] Starter differences.

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If that was the case the armature and/or the field windings would be unique...they aren't!!!

Michael S

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I suspect slightly more windings to cope with slightly more compression.

On Sunday, September 20, 2015, Michael Salter <michaelsalter at gmail.com> wrote:

Its a rainy day at Fox Point so I thought I would look into this to see if I can figure out what it is all about.
After an extensive cross check of the component part numbers for the 25521 and the 25578 starters I can find no difference between the parts. (There is some argy bargy regarding the brush springs but that seems to be a "red herring"). ;-)

HOWEVER the starter with part number 25578 seems to be exclusively for the 1963 - '67 Austin -Healey '3000' Conv. 

The 25521 starter (used on Healeys up to 1963) was still available during this time, it was used on the Humber Super Snipe' the Rover 2000, and the Vanden Plas 3 litre 'Princess" but it is NOT specified for the Healey.

There must have been some special requirement of the 25578 starter that was exclusive to the later Healey 3000 because creating a unique part was no small deal. 

Typically a different part number (disregarding the suffix letter) indicated that the part was not "correctly" interchangeable although as we know any Healey starter will fit and work on any Healey.. 

Anyone got any idea what makes the 1963 - '67 Austin -Healey '3000' Conv. starter different from others?

Note: The suffix letter is a Lucas indication of a change in the manufacturing process for the component and has no influence on the interchangeability of the unit, however it can indicate that its component parts may have changed and interchangeability of parts within the unit should be checked in the equipment specifications book.

Michael S

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