[Healeys] Starter differences.

Brian Drab bgdrab at eastlink.ca
Thu Sep 17 12:29:03 MDT 2015

A quick question for the knowledgeable ones on the list:

I have a late BJ8. Recently the started began to act a little erratically. I
have a starter off an older BN6. I took it apart and cleaned it up and
reassembled it. My plan was to simply install it on my BJ8. I noted that the
Lucas number on this started was " 25521D".  It also  has the number M418G
under the Lucas number.  As well, it appears to be date stamped as 6 58.

I compared this started with the starter off my BJ8. It appeared identical
in every respect both internally as well as externally. I then noted the
Lucas number on the BJ8 starter as 25578B. It also has M418G stamped under
it. The date stamp is 67.

My question is what is the difference between the 2 starters. I note that
Moss sells a starter for #25521D -  BN4 thru BT7 and a second starter for
#25578B - BJ7 and BJ8.

Victoria British lists one starter for all series of big Healeys. I then
went onto several different starter repair company websites and all list
only one starter for both numbers 25521D and 25578B.

So - what is the difference? 

Brian Drab

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