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Peter Dzwig pdzwig at summaventures.com
Thu Sep 17 07:52:31 MDT 2015


I think it depends on which country, when, what you include under taxes and what
was going to happen to the car. Many states had special agreements with the US
services, exempting them from some or all of the taxes normally payable by
nationals of that country (I assume that you mean national not regional taxes,
since these latter didn't exist in most countries and haven't done so in the UK
since well before WWII). These agreements fell away as time progressed and as
the number of US service men declined.

If a car was purchased in the UK by a US serviceman for immediate shipment home
my guess is that he wouldn't have had to pay the full the purchase tax. If it
was going to be used in the UK, my guess is that he would either have probably
paid Road Tax in the UK. Since there was a need to acquire foreign exchange, US
serviceman paying in dollars and serving in the UK would have been in a
privileged position.

My guess is that there may be listers who could give you a better steer than I
can if they or someone they know actually purchased over here.


On 17/09/2015 03:08, Patrick & Caroline Quinn wrote:
> Hello
> Does anyone know that if a US serviceman bought an Austin-Healey during the
> 1950s and ‘60s while they were stationed either in the UK or elsewhere in Europe
> whether they had to pay the local taxes when they bought the car?
> Many thanks
> Patrick Quinn
> Blue Mountains. Australia
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