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The Miata seats are very nice and comfortable. I got a pair out of a
totaled '95 model. Red leather with speakers in the headrest.  Now it gets
complicated.  You cannot use the Healey runners.  You must modify the ends
of the Miata runners and flatten them out. You fab up new mounts in your
floor..... using one outrigger to weld in the forward mounts and then a 1"
square tube with mounts spanning the main frame rail to  the outer sill for
the rear .  I'll send you some photos later if you like.
There is plenty of travel with the Miata runners but the width of the
tunnel limits the forward travel for the seats. For those that have done a
Smitty 5 speed conversion there is a fix for this problem. Kilmartin sells
the BJ8 floor pan kit to weld in so one can use a BJ8 fiberglass tunnel.
You can also buy these pieces from British Car Specialists in the states.
Then, by cutting away the sides of the BJ8 tunnel to make it skinnier
(because the Toyota tranny is skinnier) and then doing a bit of fiberglass
shaping and repair, the seats can then slide much further forward.
Or, you can just buy the wife some platform shoes........ the kind they
wore back in the 60's and 70's.


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> She's a keeper, sorry. Been my copilot for 37 years
> Mr. Ira Erbs
> On Sep 13, 2015 2:18 PM, "Michael" <michael.salter at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I think you will have to get a taller wife.
>> 😁
>> Michael S
>> BN1 #174
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>> Subject: [Healeys] miata seats
>> I'd like to hear from anyone who has put Miata seats in their big Healey.
>> I'm 6'3" tall, wife is 5'4" and the stock seat tracks don't move up enough
>> for her to drive the car. I have seen Miata seats in the cars and they look
>>  a lot more comfortable. I realize it does not take much to be more
>> comfortable :) Pedal blocks are out of he question in that I don't have
>> enough leg room as it is. Has anyone adapted the OEM tracks to have more
>> travel?
>> Thanks
>> Ira Erbs
>> Portland, OR
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