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That's half the issue. Also need more travel forward for wife.  Thanks

Mr. Ira Erbs
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> I think I have seen a modification to the seat frame to tilt it back a
> little to give a little more leg room. It may be in BCS book by Norm Nock..
> Mike MacLean
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> I'd like to hear from anyone who has put Miata seats in their big Healey.
> I'm 6'3" tall, wife is 5'4" and the stock seat tracks don't move up enough
> for her to drive the car. I have seen Miata seats in the cars and they look
>  a lot more comfortable. I realize it does not take much to be more
> comfortable :) Pedal blocks are out of he question in that I don't have
> enough leg room as it is. Has anyone adapted the OEM tracks to have more
> travel?
> Thanks
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