[Healeys] Fuel gauge calibration testing device

warthodson at aol.com warthodson at aol.com
Wed Sep 9 07:53:35 MDT 2015

As a follow-up to the recent discussion about fuel gauges, attached is a photo of a simple Petrol Gauge Calibration Test Device. By hooking up your petrol gauge & a 12 volt battery to the sending unit you can operate the float from empty to full & compare the accuracy of the gauge to the float position. Based on my repro fuel tank dimensions, the sending unit is mounted 4-3/8" above the lowest float position. The float's highest position is 5"above the lowest position. When I tested my sending unit/gauge combination I got lucky. I only had to bend the float arm a small amount to get the gauge to read empty with the float on the lowest position, which is the only position I am concerned about. At the full position my gauge reads 7/8 full, which is close enough for who it is for.   
Your results may vary.   
Gary Hodson


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