[Healeys] MGB GT V8

Simon Lachlan simon.lachlan at homecall.co.uk
Fri May 29 09:51:27 MDT 2015

Somewhat off topic but anyhow, here goes........

There may be an MGB GT V8 for sale locally. My wife had a regular one years
ago. (1800cc?) It was OK but it seemed to me that it just looked like a
sports car but didn't really behave like one.

But a V8 would be a different story? 

1)      Our driveway is narrow. A 3000 goes through like a greased pig, but
most cars are too fat. Is a B wider than a Healey?

2)      The 3.5 ex Buick engine......isn't that the one that TVR bore out to

Seems to me that the 3.5 would offer up some serious power if sufficiently
tweaked? Or am I thinking of a different engine?

I think it's the same engine that Rover used to put in their cars. Police
3.5s went like rockets considering the cars' weight.

Any comments would be welcome.



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