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Ira:  In the Driver's Handbook for my BJ8, the table "KEY TO RECOMMENDED LUBRICANTS", column A, Engine and Gearbox, sub-column Tropical and temperate down to 5 degrees C, 41 degrees F, after all the single grade oils, the recommendations include Shell, Mobil, and ESSO 20W/40; and Filtrate and Duckham's 20/50.  In the extreme cold, down to 12 C, 10 F, there are 10W/30, 10W/40, 20W/30, 20/50, and 5050 (no slash ?).  Some of those were not available in the United Kingdom at the time of publication and some were available in the UK only.

(I wanted to scan the handbook page and include it in this e-mail but I couldn't find the instructions I have somewhere)

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  It most likely does not drip because its empty :)
  Yes to non-detergent oil in a transmission. Never heard of using multi-weight in a tranny

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