[Healeys] Value of a project car , BN1

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It seems pricy to me...but they are getting very hard to find.
Michael S
BN1 #174

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Correction,  that should have been 1954 on the year. 

Jerry Costanzo

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That seems a bit pricey to me.
Jonas Payne
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I have been offered a project car.  Heritage lists it as May of 64.  Needs new floorboards, some bottom of fenders, one part of frame repair.  Car is in pieces, and I know who took it apart so I am sure that the parts are there.  New metal pieces to replace all the rust areas are already purchased to the tune of about $3500.  It has two transmissions (both BN1).  I was looking at Haggerty values and they list a condition 4 at around $16-17 which is described as a rough driver.  This has extra parts but the guy wants $21K.  Is this model valuable enough at that price?  I don’t have pictures yet, should get them this week.  
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