[Healeys] Gearbox oil volume

Earl Kagna kags at shaw.ca
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Redline MT 90 is the way to go – a slightly heavier version of MTL, which oddly enough stands for Manual Transaxle Lubricant.  It is formulated with friction enhancers for that use, which is why it works so well in the overdrive – the cone clutch likes the stuff, as do the synchro rings in the gearbox.  Just my opinion, there are those who would disagree. 

I doubt that the leak pattern will be any different.  Oil leaks in Healeys are reassuring – if there is no oil leaking from a British car, it’s probably empty!

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I am about to change my g/b and o/d oil for first time since taking ownership; just to be sure that I know what is in there; 
and I don't want to start another gearbox oil discussion. .....
However so many people recommend MTL or MT90 that are both synthetic.
I am a little reluctant to as don't need any new oil leaks with synthetic; maybe already have synthetic ,,,.?
Anyhow for convenience was planning to use same as use in engine - Valvoline VR1 20-50
Any thoughts regarding synthetic oil and gearbox leaks from more experienced users appreciated.
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