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I have used a Jaba Bluetooth for several years both in my Healey and in my driving car.  Great sound and connects well to my Iphone.  Moreover, with the long battery life, it does not need to be connected to the cig lighter if you have one which I do not in the Healey.   Great sound for music, also.    But, I do like the tunes from the exhaust at the same time.


Bob Begani

BJ8 67


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A few months ago, my old style, simple, phone died and I was forced into the smart phone world.  I am surprised at the number of uses I now put the phone through.  I call, text, email, schedule, search, use maps, take and send photos etc.  

I have reached the point where it is probably time to go with a blue tooth device.  I have never used the phone while driving (everything is a stick) but have always disliked the cord hanging around and near the center console/gear lever/right arm and so on when I am in the hands free mode and or using maps.

Does anyone have an opinion on the use and type of blue tooth device.  What features and manufacturer should I look into?  I am a real novice on this subject.  Even worse that the smart phone which I am still learning!  What do I need to know before I enter this part of the 21st century?



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