[Healeys] Speaker selection - kick panel/headlight bucket

Al Fuller al at bighealey.org
Thu May 21 11:53:47 MDT 2015

Thanks!  Those just might work. 
 They have an added benefit that the crossover circuit is in-line, and 
therefore there are two less things to mount without a separate crossover 
unit for each speaker.
 Any other candidates out there?
  Al Fuller
al at bighealey.org

'65 A-H BJ-8
'85 Rx-7 GSL-SE


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These would do great. Lower installation sounds pretty lame until you get 
the highs up where you can hear 'em. This set will sound great in any car. 
The tweeters can face straight up in the dash pad hitting the windshield.   

    On May 21, 2015, at 8:48 AM, Al Fuller wrote:
 I am at the point where I need to choose speakers for the BJ-8.  I've 
already installed headlight buckets up high in the front kick panels to 
hold the speakers.
 Any recommendations for speakers that have sounded good?  They will need 
to be ~6" round, with the magnet less than about ~2.5"...
 [I haven't selected a radio or amp, so I am not in  position to specify 
exactly how many watts they will need to handle, but it will need to be 
loud enough to hear at road speed...]
 Thanks in advance,
  Al Fuller
al at bighealey.org

'65 A-H BJ-8
'85 Rx-7 GSL-SE

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