[Healeys] Hacked by Oprah -- Sorry about that -

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Sun May 17 14:19:06 MDT 2015

I wasn't the first and won't be the last.
If that's the very first message you've ever gotten like that, I'm amazed. I delete two to three every day. Seems that any system which gains access to address books e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. -- usually by being sneaky themselves is vulnerable to having those address books hacked, given rise to these phishing queries.

Ranks right up there with messages that I've exceeded the memory limits of my email account and need to "click here" to verify my identity.

So, best advice I can give is: If the "click here" message doesn't have a pretty specific reason why that particular person would be telling you specifically to click on a link, then don't. And be sure to tell anyone less award than yourself, such as your parents if they use internet, to be equally cautious.



Gary Anderson
Editor-in-Chief, The Star Magazine
Mercedes-Benz Club of America

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