[Healeys] Door latch or striker adjustment?

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And also some in the vertical direction.

On 05/17/15, BJ8Healeys wrote:

Tom, if you loosen the two striker attach screws just enough to move the striker, you can adjust it in the inboard and outboard direction. Making that adjustment has worked for me. It's a trial and error process to get it just right.

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Hello all,

My 65 BJ8 driver door is not latching. I read the archives and am still wondering about what to do.

I have a new latch (on door, correct?) and striker (on body, correct?). Furflex feels like it's offering some resistance but the door closed when it was first installed. I am wondering if the striker is first thing to adjust and, if so, how to adjust it. Reference in an archive note was made to shimming the striker "out" -- would that be the way to go? I assume that means standing more proud of the shut pillar?

Just wondering if there is a best way to start this fiddling.

Thanks in advance,


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