[Healeys] American Pickers

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Thu May 14 07:51:51 MDT 2015

Caught the episode with the Nash-Healeys last night.  The 'pickers' 
don't seem to know as much about cars--they'd never heard of a 
Nash-Healey until they got schooled by the owners--as they do about 
motorcycles.  The tall, skinny picker kept raving about a modified car 
with a Caddy engine, louvres and some really ugly body modifications 
('frenched' front parking lights), which they bought along with a mostly 
stock NH.  I've got nothing against  owner mods, but we all know that 
original, unmodified cars are (almost always) more desirable hence 
potentially more profitable (especially with a rare car like a NH).

Dad had a chance to buy one from the same man we got our 100M from, but 
he didn't like the looks of the car with the 'Nashy' front grill (the 
man also had an Ercoupe).  I wish he'd bought it and just thrown a cover 
on it; it'd be worth much more now.


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