[Healeys] Chassis dimensions

Larry Varley varley at cosmos.net.au
Mon May 11 04:51:58 MDT 2015

Hi Guys, one for the restorers out there. During the restoration of my 
100, I never really resolved the Healey chassis drawing ( 
http://www.acmefluid.com.au/larry/healeydraw.html) with my chassis. For 
background my chassis was a NOS Austin replacement part with outriggers 
and some remains of the inner sills that had been cut back for the hand 
built body that was being built on it.
The chassis drawing gives a dimension of 3 inches for the height of the 
inner sills above the rails. Here lies the question. Is this dimension 
from the flat top face of the rail, or from the top of the chassis rail 
raised seam? In the case of my chassis I can confirm that the chassis 
outriggers at their outer edges were not level with the chassis top 
surface but were level with the raised seam. I followed the drawing and 
set the inner sills at 3 inches from the top flat face. I had to cut the 
ledge in the outriggers lower to get the inner sills to meet the 3 inch 
dimension. I then had lots of trouble getting the front and rear 
bulkheads to sit correctly. From my perspective I believe the 3 inch 
dimension was originally from the top of the chassis raised seam, what 
have others found?
Larry Varley

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