[Healeys] RM Auction 100M this week end

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Wed May 6 14:42:43 MDT 2015

I just thought you were going to fix it, but Bob throws a whole new light  
on the project. Can't wait to see how you correct things.
Steven Kingsbury
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bspidell at comcast.net writes:

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ... You bought it (I  didn't make the NM connection)?

Congratulations; it's in good hands  now.



Well, it arrived today.
Interesting mix of  solutions present. Interesting mix of things 
missing.. Work to be done,  for sure. New wheels and knockoffs already 

On 5/3/2015 2:56 PM, David Porter wrote:
> Anyone have  any first hand info on this car? I hear it's headed to NM?
>  http://www.rmauctions.com/lots/lot.cfm?lot_id=1071923

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