[Healeys] Question on pulley/belt configuration for air conditioning

Patrick & Caroline Quinn p_cquinn at tpg.com.au
Tue May 5 19:08:21 MDT 2015

G’day Lin


Personally I would go for the twin belt arrangement for better contact with the alternator.


Some years back we had a Jaguar Mk2 for everyday use. It was a lovely car, but it suffered from one problem – if a spanner fitted it was a design fault!


We have 4 kids and back then the two youngest ones were quite small and my wife started talking about air conditioning. Eventually the talk became a little more serious and I fitted air con to the car. I should say that it wasn’t during the course of a restoration, but over a couple of days. I think the compressor came from either a Toyota Corolla or a Honda Civic while the rest of it came from an aftermarket underdash system along with the various widgets around the radiator.


Worked beautifully and my wife was happy. Then the call came saying that the car had stopped a long way from home with lots of funny noises from both the kids and car.


On inspection I found out that the funny noises was exactly what it sounds like when the timing/camshafts chains start to let go and flail, about which in a Jaguar engine means that valves start to hit pistons. The moral of that story is that when that much extra stress is placed on the front of an old engine you should expect trouble.


So that car was replaced by a Jaguar XJ6 S2 which was a lovely car that soon had serious body problems around the roof. Would you believe that back then in this part of the world Jaguar used to ship some of their cars to New Zealand without the roof to save on the cost of shipping and then the roofs would be united with the rest of the car and then shipped to Australia.


Hoo Roo


Patrick Quinn

Blue Mountains, Australia


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Working on the restoration of a Jaguar MK2 at the moment, and I have a question for my healey friends.


I am air conditioning this car. My first configuration of pulleys and belts can be seen in Image 1. All on one 1/2” “V” belt. This approach continues to use the original “jockey” pulley (to the left and above the crank pulley) for tensioning the belt although I suppose that it is not really needed since in this approach the tension can be adjusted by rotating the alternator.


However, I wonder about having the alternator and the compressor on one “V” belt as in image 2, and then have the crank pulley, water pump pulley, compressor and idler pulley (not tensioned) on a second “V” belt. I could accomplish this easily as the compressor has two “V” belt pulleys (one double) and I could shift the alternator to the rear to get the proper alignment.


Do I gain much of anything by moving to the two belts?


I have seen several Healeys with the stacked alternator and compressor on their own belt. Unlike in the Healey configuration, in my case the compressor would be on top and the alternator below.


What are your thoughts? I would appreciate hearing your views about this.


Lin Rose




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