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Thank you all for the feed-back!  I received an address and name in Louisville from Ron Mitchell and will follow up on that.  It was  Lee Williams:  Phone number = 502-777-7874.
I’ll let you all know how that goes.  BTW, Bob Yule, I used yours and liked it very much but I’ve worn it out!! 
1967 BJ8 aka The Silver Bullet

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Mary Harrell made the first ones until sadly she passed. Then Nationwide Auto Restoration in Jeffersonville, IN made them until they went bankrupt.

Jeep owners use a similar cover but they use a lighter weight tyvek type material instead of the heavy vinyl.

This would be a good money maker for someone with upholstery skills. 

Jim Werner

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Some years ago the person/company offering the black vinyl “portable garage/topper” for big Healeys stopped production.  It is my vague recollection that someone else picked up the product and was offering it for sale.  does anyone have contact info for that “new” vendor?
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