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Somewhere in one of my workshop manuals I found a factory specification on brake lining thickness.  I do not have the manuals handy at this time.  A few years ago, I had a set of rear shoes relined and could not get the drums back on. After finding the spec on lining thickness I was able to determine that the relining was too thick. I took them back with the durms & they turned the linings down to spec. 
Anyone know what the thickness should be, per the manual?
 Gary H.
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I measured the lining material of the front and rear shoes with my calipers. The front shoes as you said are .187 or very close to that. The rear shoes though measure out to be .234.  Both sets came from Moss as correct for the BN2. The front set was made in Taiwan and go by the name of Powertune.  The rear set are Moss' Classic Gold made in China. The part numbers match the Moss catalog for shoes that fit the front and rear.  Anyone else notice this difference? 
Mike MacLea 


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