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Graeme, I had the following exchange earlier this evening with another
Larry, there is some confusion in my mind about the identities of the three
4000s that were built (it's a little-known fact that I am also the Registrar
for the 4000s (winking smiley face inserted here on the original).
One of the cars (a white one, VIN 624W1628) was purchased by Allan Casavant
of Charlotte, North Carolina in 2005 from Arthur Henry Carter of Norfolk,
England who had owned the car since 1978.  Mr. Casavant displayed the car at
the 2005 AHCA Conclave in Winston-Salem, NC and he also drove it on the
annual mountain tour sponsored by the Carolinas AHC in August 2006.  I saw
the car at both events.  Mr. Casavant was the "sugar daddy" of the proposed
A-H museum to be established at the Virginia International Raceway, but he
had the misfortune to go through a nasty divorce and ended up having to sell
off his 4000 (and a Silverstone, and probably a lot of other stuff I don't
know about).  That's how the Healey museum ended up in The Netherlands
rather than in Virginia.  The car was offered for sale, and then I lost
track of it until I saw the video by The Healey Factory.
Is it the same car?  Well, both are white and have the UK (style)
registration number PWD 663F.  That was the license plate on the car when I
saw it, and the car in the video has the same plate.
Of the other two, VIN 460W1001 (UK registration TNX 65G, a green car) was
owned by Peter Cox of Gloucestershire and at last report was owned by his
son Joe, also of Gloucestershire.  The third, VIN ADO/1002 or ADO24/1002
(was white, now red, or maybe now white) is the car owned by Peter Rowland.
Previously owned by John Gray, England (offered for sale in the AHCA
magazine Chatter, February 1994), previously owned by Steve Pike, Australia
(1974 - ?), and before that by Frank Allenby, England (Healey Highlights,
December 1975).
It's very possible that the car at The Healey Factory is different from the
one that was owned by Allan Casavant.  But then, why do they both have the
same UK registration number?
If you can shed any light to correct the histories or any of the other data,
I would very much like to have it.
Hi Steve, are you sure about your information on the 4000? I have coffee at
the Healey Factory every Saturday morning, and the only 4000 I know of being
there is now fully restored and owned by Peter Rowland, Rob Rowlands
brother. That car has been in Australia for a very long time.


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Not sure where you got your information from regarding the Rolls Healey 4000
being imported from North Carolina into Australia as to my knowledge there
were only 3 ever constructed with 2 still in England and one here in

Unless another one has been imported recently the car restored by The Healey
Factory for the owners brother back in 2011/12 was originally imported into
Australia by Steve Pike of Marsh Classic Restorations in 1974 from the
United Kingdom and has had only two subsequent owners including Peter
Rowland. Details of this car and its recent restoration appear in an article
in my local clubs magazine 'Hundreds and Thousands' in July 2012

You will all know Steve from his Streamliner project car and his appearances
at Bonneville and more recently for his restoration of one of the original
100S - NOJ 393 which to my knowledge is still the most expensive Healey ever

While there have been a large number of BJ8's imported into Australia over
the past few years ( We still have only approx. 300  hundred including my
car according to Patrick Quinn's records ) and only 8 were originally
imported this has now come to a grinding halt due to the devaluation of the
Australian $ which is only equivalent to about $0.75 US

In fact the worm has turned as a few days ago I was in at the Healey Factory
and they were converting a BN2 with some 100M add-ons  back to left hand
drive for re export to a buyer in the USA. Go figure that


Graeme  Molony
( BJ8  29 yrs )
Mt. Martha

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