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Michael michael.salter at gmail.com
Wed Feb 11 13:38:22 MST 2015

The 2 holes and the rectangle marks look very much like the shape of many air conditioning evaporator bulkhead fittings.
My bet is that this was the first stage of an AC installation.
Michael S
BN1 #174
In Queenstown NZ (see pic)

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Friend of mine bought a car from a dealer in the Netherlands about two 
years ago. The car had been imported from Portland, Oregon by this 
dealer. My friend has now found out that the car was sold new in Alaska, 
at least it had been living in Alaska before it came to Portland, Oregon.
He is restoring it now and has found some strange holes in the passenger 
footbox, that he thinks might have been for an extra heater. Please see 

Is there anybody in Portland (Ira) that knows anything about this car? 
How many cars have been moving from Alaska to Portland, especially 
Healeys, there must be very few. It is a BJ7 and painted Healey Blue, 
but it was OEW from factory.

Best regards, Per
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