[Healeys] Car from Portland

Oudesluys coudesluijs at chello.nl
Wed Feb 11 00:29:06 MST 2015

Looks very much like it, but what is strange that after drilling the 
holes were not de-burred. They are certainly not ex-factory. Any signs 
of the use of bolts/nuts with which an extra heater or so may actually 
has been fitted?
Kees Oudesluijs

Per Schoerner schreef op 11-2-2015 om 0:31:
> Hi
> Friend of mine bought a car from a dealer in the Netherlands about two 
> years ago. The car had been imported from Portland, Oregon by this 
> dealer. My friend has now found out that the car was sold new in 
> Alaska, at least it had been living in Alaska before it came to 
> Portland, Oregon.
> He is restoring it now and has found some strange holes in the 
> passenger footbox, that he thinks might have been for an extra heater. 
> Please see picture.
> Is there anybody in Portland (Ira) that knows anything about this car? 
> How many cars have been moving from Alaska to Portland, especially 
> Healeys, there must be very few. It is a BJ7 and painted Healey Blue, 
> but it was OEW from factory.
> Best regards, Per
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