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I didn't count the D types, but that is Moss. That time frame is close to when Disneyland opened. There is another Torrey Pines video that has a very young Phil Hill with a screwdriver tinkering on something.

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At the 1min 45 sec time it looks like Stirling Moss with MICKEY MOUSE
And how many D type Jags?


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>This video shows the Pringle/Roy Jackson Moore 100S (no. 61) about 3
>times and the Roy Jackson Moore 100M black/pink car at 4:04 minutes. The
>entry list has the 100M driven by Greg O'Nelly.
>By the way, I am going on a SoCal car museum tour next week. Nethercut,
>NHRA, Riverside, and Mullin. I hope to do some good AH racing research at
>the Riverside Raceway museum.
>Ken Freese
>AH Racing Historian

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