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Heavens. Isn’t that another question raised? Are our chassis strong enough to tow or be towed? I guess there’s a steel plate involved somewhere? My MkII’s chassis looks pretty good – I believe - but I wonder if it’s as strong as it once was.

I just have visions of the Healey standing still and the bolt being towed out of the chassis.



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Thanks to all.  Heli-coil sounds like the way to go.  I should have stated that the bolt is for a tow hook eye.  Sorry if I got some scratching their heads!

Price Lindsay


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Any good mechanical thread repair method will result in a stronger female thread that the standard hole.  The Heli-coil rep used to do a demo with a sheet of aluminum and a grade 8 bolt.  He would screw the bolt in the hole, and strip the threads.  He would then install a heli-coil and screw the same bolt in and proceed to break the grade 8 bolts and the new larger diameter thread of the thread repair was stronger than the original bolt. 

My advise is get a good thread repair kit (heli-coil, time sert, etc) and repair the hole, no need to weld it first.



On Thu, Feb 5, 2015 at 8:46 AM, R. Price Lindsay <050.rpl at gmail.com> wrote:

I have stripped a non-essential bolt in the frame and want to replace it on my BJ8.  I really don’t want to drill it out, re-tap it and use a larger bolt for visual reasons.  I don’t have access to a welding machine (probably a good thing).  Is there a way to re-fill the hole and tap it to the correct size?  There could be a lot of stress on the bolt.

Price Lindsay
67 BJ8


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