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I think it is an interesting question. 

You ask for thoughts, so here is one purely speculative possibility. The factory decided to change badge vendors for some reason. Perhaps lower cost, better quality, friend of the CEO, etc. The new vendor screwed up (did not notice the hyphen on the sample badge they were copying). The factory also did not notice the change or by the time the new supply of badges arrived they did not have time to wait for the new vendor to make another batch or no one at the factory really cared one way or the other about the hyphen, so just ignored the change.  

I have an original MkII badge with hyphen & an original MkIII badge from a 1964 Phase 1 BJ8 without hyphen. Neither of these badges have any markings on the underside that would give a clue as to who the manufacturer was. Also, they both seem to have almost identical construction which would lead me to believe that they came from the same manufacturer. So, that would not seem to support my theory.
Gary Hodson 
From: Michael Oritt michael.oritt at gmail.com

I think we have established that there was probably no consistent change point from hyphenated to non-hyphenated which seems to support the idea that after the decision to change was made the stock of hyphenated badges was nevertheless used until exhausted.  
However my original question was not "when" but rather "why" the switch was made.  There must have been a reason for making an affirmative decision to do something and I am genuinely surprised that the reason has never been made known,  
Any thoughts here?  
Best--Michael Oritt  


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