[Healeys] BT7 Baulk Rings

Andy Thorp bce257 at yahoo.co.nz
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Hi Ed,

The synchros sold by at least one UK supplier a few years ago were of inadequate quality. They may have upped their game now but I'd be very cautious as it is a huge job to assemble and install a gearbox only to find the synchros aren't functioning. Both 3rd and 4th had virtually no synchro action at all on my first attempt.

The problem with the cheap repro's is they are machined out-of-round so that the braking cone only contacts on a few high spots. The attached pics show the difference between a low quality part and a properly made one, the bright markings are where marker pen has worn off from rubbing the synchro on the mating cone by hand. I'd thoroughly recommend doing this test regardless of which ones you get as you'll have no way of knowing if they work until it is all installed in the car.

I believe the properly made synchros come from/via DW and are noted by machine tool marks on all surfaces whereas the junk ones have a cast finish on the outside.


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 What's the consensus on the new synchro rings that
 are currently available for the side shifter? Is one source
 preferable to another? Or are all the vendors selling the
 same thing, making price the only consideration.
 Ed Woods
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