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Hi Lindsay,
The air flow direction is normally from the servo to the inlet manifold so fuel shouldn't get into the servo BUT if the non return valve on the inlet manifold (it is incorporated in the nipple that the servo vacuum hose connects to) then fuel laden air can, and does, make its way into the servo.
Check that non return valve on the inlet manifold it should prevent any flow towards the servo.

Michael S
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Listers -

A couple of weeks ago my brakes were acting funny.  It turned out that all of the fluid was out of the brake/clutch reservoir.  I sent the brake servo into be repaired at the suggestion of the list.  I just talked to the rebuilder and he said the baffle in the servo was swollen because of a large amount of fuel present in the booster.  He mentioned this is not unusual with TR6”s.  I guess this can cause the servo to fail and  draw the brake fluid into the servo.

Now that the servo is fixed, I don’t want a repeat the problem and am searching for a cause for the presence of fuel.  A few months ago I was having a problem with fuel starvation.  It turned out to be a pinched fuel line.  During my long search I made a number of changes including installing a new distributor cap and wires.  Somehow I switched a couple of wires and could not get a spark in cylinders 5 & 6.  I found the problem after quite a bit of trying to get the car to run smoothly and driving it for 20 - 30 miles.  Also, maybe a contributing factor or maybe not, a year or two ago I moved the vacuum hose to the induction manifold because I installed air cleaners without a connection point for the vacuum hose. (Before the fuel starvation issue I reinstalled the original air cleaners and moved the vacuum hose back up to the air rear cleaner.)

Now for my question: Could the presence of fuel in the brake booster have been caused when I was not getting spark and not burning fuel in 5 & 6?  Could the unspent fuel have been sucked into the servo through the induction manifold a while ago, or through the air cleaners recently?

Thank you so much for your collective thoughts.

Price Lindsay
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