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Simon Lachlan simon.lachlan at homecall.co.uk
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Tap it inwards.

See attached. Ignore 90% and get to para 2)

Surprised you can get near it. Do you mean the heater valve? No matter, the principle’s the same.

Whatever you do, don’t put too much leverage on the handle.

When all is said and done, you might just as well turn those valves “on” and forget them. They’re more or less useless.




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Good day folks,

Last year I took apart my block hot water valve for my heater system and greased it and it worked real easy. Last summer I turned it off. The other day I tried to open it and it was real stiff. I did not want to work it too hard. I just sprayed it with PB Blaster.

 Question: Do I pull up or push down to open it?

Running right around freezing these days, but expecting a break from the rain fro a few days.



Ira Erbs


1959 BN4 100-6

with BT7 engine and disk brakes.


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