[Healeys] Weber air question

Oudesluys coudesluijs at chello.nl
Tue Dec 29 04:09:15 MST 2015

The length of the ram pipes does not really alter the amount or velocity 
of air going in, however it is likely that you have a bit more torque 
lower down in the rev. scale. The short pipes are for high revs mainly. 
Has to do with pulse frequencies and corresponding optimal revs, compare 
it with organ pipes.
There will be a difference in the air resistance between the short ram 
pipes with gauze filters and the longer ram pipes with proper air 
filters depending on the construction and surface area of the gauze 
filters and the size and construction of the "proper" air filters. You 
also need sufficient depth of the air filters to allow enough clearance 
between the ram pipes and the filter top to let the air flowing in. This 
should be at least about 1,5", preferably more.
Kees Oudesluijs

Op 29-12-2015 om 11:31 schreef Simon Lachlan:
> Hi again,
> I’ve got 3 Weber 45s on my 3000.
> I’ve just had the whole issue out and onto the floor....the three 
> carbs, inlet manifolds and the entire exhaust system. I was thus able 
> to replace the core plugs on that side and – the real point of the 
> exercise – have the necessary surgery done that permits proper ram 
> pipes and decent sized air filters to be fitted.
> OK, so the surgery’s done. A very neat job. And everything is back on 
> the engine.
> I had very short ram pipes on before and silly little gauze/wire 
> filters that pushed on over the pipes’ trumpet mouths. They’d have 
> stopped rabbits getting in but wouldn’t have much use for anything 
> else.....
> I didn’t touch any of the carbs’ settings nor did I mess with any of 
> the linkage lengths.
> So, she still starts first time but the responses are very different. 
> It’s got to be because the amount of air is radically(?) different??? 
> I don’t want to go back to the rolling road unless I have to.
> A couple of questions......
> 1)Going from the minimum ram pipe to something around 60mm gives 
> faster air and that means more air.....correct?
> 2)Is it safe to assume that more air weakens the mixture and that I 
> must enrichen it (Give it more fuel)????
> 3)Also, in the great scheme of things, the readjustments will all be 
> fairly minimal? Just the turn of the screw!! Not likely to necessitate 
> swapping around with emulsion tubes etcetc???
> I’ve managed my Webers so far by having them setup properly and 
> leaving them alone thereafter. (Until the surgery). I’ve not really 
> grasped their intricacies on an intellectual(?) level so far, more on 
> a purely mechanical level. I can do the brute force but anything more 
> than the ignorance eludes me where Webers are concerned. (All those 
> interchangeable bits of brass.....)
> Thanks,
> Simon
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