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Andy Thorp bce257 at yahoo.co.nz
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Hi Michael,

Having the wheels toe-out a little will do this and it is easy to check.

You'll need two dead straight poles about eight feet long each and some cable ties. Roll the car forwards on a flat surface until you know the wheels are settled then cable tie the poles to the wheel spokes so they touch the tire sidewalls and point forwards in front of the car under the valence. The poles should angle towards each other 1/8" for every two ft length or so if the alignment is ok. If they are angled outwards then you can wind the adjustment rod in a little.

Check the tightness of your front shock mounts too as any change in geometry there will change the toe.


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 Subject: [Healeys] Steering question
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 have a December, 1954 100.  
 wife and I went out for an extended ride yesterday. She
 drove first and though she does not have much experience
 with the car she is a quick study and good thinker. After
 she had driven for perhaps 20 miles she commented that the
 steering seemed go be "wandering" and required
 constant small adjustments to keep the car going straight.
 She felt that the condition did not start until after we had
 been driving for a while. I
 did not say anything and thought to myself that she simply
 was not used to the car. 
 about 50 miles we switched and--whether or not it was
 because of her comment--I noticed that the car did in fact
 want to wander and I had to stay on top of keeping the car
 from veering ever so slightly from left or right of center.
 The situation remained the same for the balance of the
 trip--about 150 or so miles in all till we came
 or not this is relevant--once the wheel is turned to set up
 for a turn everything seems fine and the car holds a steady
 track through the turn. It was only when the wheels were
 straight ahead that the issue presented.
 decided to address this today and with the car in the garage
 I find that there is virtually no play whatsoever in the
 steering--perhaps 1/2" or less--whether the front
 wheels are on or off the ground. 
 "adjustment" procedure described in the manual for
 "later" 100's simply tells me to loosen the
 lock nut, remove the cover plate and tighten down the
 adjusting screw to remove play.  I am not finding a lot of
 play--again 1/2" or less-whether the car is on the
 ground or in the air--except when we are
 I have, btw,
 checked for loose front wheel bearings by trying to wiggle
 the front wheels both from side to side and back and forth
 and everything feels just right.  Also I have observed the
 steering linkage from underneath and when I push the wheels
 from lock to lock I see no looseness, etc. in the end ball
 joints or the steering tie
 ​Suggestions will be
 Best--Michael Oritt​
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