[Healeys] Thanks to those who do the "Healey Marque Magazine"

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Sat Dec 26 12:02:02 MST 2015

As an International member of the Austin-Healey Club of America I received 
Jan 2016 of the "Healey Marque Magazine".

Many thanks to all who do this absolute outstanding Healey Club Magazine. I 
really enjoy every issue I receive.

This issue Reid Trummel mentioned the change in our hobby from the time 
people bought Healeys new till nowadays where we maintain, work and use the 
Healey cars for fun in our leasure time. Most Healeys are no more original, 
but restored to keep them on the road and to enjoy them. Reid says we have 
reached the Post-Aftermarket-Restoration Era and it could be parts supplies 
will go down and are no longer a profitable business. I really doubt that, 
as we are approaching the second generation in restorations. Many cars were 
restored 20 years ago or even earlier and need at least a good facelift. I 
just did that with my Sprite and did all new in the engine bay and an 
overhaul of the engine and gearbox. Result, I received a Concours win this 
year. Car already won its class 16years ago at European Healey Meet.

So I think the classic car boom is going on and even accellerated here in 
Europe as money on the banks gives no profit and more and more enjoy the 
fun with a classic car. Parts supply industry sales reached an alltime high 
and are still going up.

Healey events are well booked and more and more enjoy companianships and 
holidays together with other Healey enthusiasts, meeting old friends 
getting new friends. Only the ages of the average Healey owners worry me a 
bit, as it is far over the mark of 60 years.

What may also change is the connection to those worked on the development, 
production and race/rally preparation of Healey cars.  Most are no more 
with us and we can´t listen their interesting stories anymore, which is a 
shame, as it gave so many insights.

Sorry, I just want to thank the makers of "Healey Marque".


Josef Eckert



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