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Back in the eighties when I was buying euro cars in the US and sending them to France (primarily Jags) when currency and regs were favorable, I had several yellow lights and metric speedo kits to install on the cars headed to France. Once cleared thru the bureaucracy the kit was removed, the US gear reinstalled and the French gear sent back to me for the next shipment.
I also brought some cars to the US until dealers got the US government to shut that biz down via "safety" regs. C'est la vie.

Richard of KY
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I took delivery of a new 64 in Paris of 1964, it had yellow lens just like all the other cars in France.  Still have the car, but not the lamps.

64/66 BJ8s

On 12/25/2015 9:38 AM, Auto Farm wrote:
While Duplo or Duplux were Phillip's trade names for dual filament bulbs, I think it would be far more likely that the reference on the Heritage Cert. was for a yellow/amber bulb, since all cars at that time had dual filament bulbs.  The key here, I believe, is the shipping destination of Paris, France which had a requirement for these coloured bulbs.  The UK did not.

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I've just received the Heritage Certificate for a basket case '54 BN1 that I hope to eventually restore and the certificate indicates that this car was originally delivered to Paris, France and was fitted with Duplo head lamps...
Does anyone know what Duplo head lamps means?
Michael S

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