[Healeys] Duplo head lamps

John Vrugtman javrugtman at htcnet.org
Fri Dec 25 07:54:47 MST 2015

I took delivery of a new 64 in Paris of 1964, it had yellow lens just 
like all the other cars in France.  Still have the car, but not the lamps.

64/66 BJ8s

On 12/25/2015 9:38 AM, Auto Farm wrote:
> While Duplo or Duplux were Phillip’s trade names for dual filament 
> bulbs, I think it would be far more likely that the reference on the 
> Heritage Cert. was for a yellow/amber bulb, since all cars at that 
> time had dual filament bulbs.  The key here, I believe, is the 
> shipping destination of Paris, France which had a requirement for 
> these coloured bulbs. The UK did not.
> Cheers…Bob
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> I've just received the Heritage Certificate for a basket case '54 BN1 
> that I hope to eventually restore and the certificate indicates that 
> this car was originally delivered to Paris, France and was fitted with 
> Duplo head lamps...
> Does anyone know what Duplo head lamps means?
> Michael S
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