[Healeys] SAE 140 Use In Differential To Reduce Noise?

Graham Wilkie glwilkie1 at bigpond.com
Wed Dec 23 20:47:22 MST 2015

Hi Doug,
I received several responses; the conventional wisdom was to remove the differential and have a specialist carry out the work. That is on my to-do list.
Until I get to that item on my list, here is what I have done. I drained the Penrite 80W 90 mineral gear oil, and replaced it with Penrite 140 Gear Oil - Premium Mineral. This product claims "for quieting noisy differentials, where the noise is due to wear, thus prolonging the life of the unit". 
After about 60 miles of driving, the whine was certainly still evident. A bit quieter, but not significantly so. Following suggestions from others, I then added Nulon G70 to the Penrite 140 Gear Oil in the differential.
I have covered some 1,123 miles since then. 
Conclusion: The pitch level of the diff whine is lower, more like a humming; it is now easier to live with at and above 60mph. The most improvement occurred after adding the Nulon G70. I will continue to run this combination in the differential for now. Knowing the result, I would do it again. 
As has been pointed out by others, the real fix is to have the differential adjusted or repaired by a differential specialist. Hope that answers your question. Regards, Graham Wilkie.Moruya, Australia. 
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> This goes way back but did anybody respond and if so what was the
> conclusion?
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> Hello All,
> The differential on my 1966 BJ8 starts to whine once I have driven for
> several miles, and everything has warmed up to normal operating temperature.
> It only occurs during accelerator pedal movement down (under load). The
> whining diminishes during coasting or deceleration.
> The differential is filled with Penrite 80W 90 mineral gear oil. (Recently
> changed).
> I am considering replacing my differential gear oil with Penrite SAE 140
> mineral gear oil. (Note no 'W' prefix; it is straight SAE 140). This product
> claims it will reduce differential noise in older vehicles. I wonder if it
> is suitable for our Healeys?
> I seem to recall reading on the List that our rear wheel bearings are splash
> lubricated by differential oil, but cannot find any reference to that in my
> workshop manual. Is that correct? I'm concerned that if that is the case,
> will the SAE 140 be too viscous to splash lubricate the rear wheel bearings
> effectively?
> Would I be better of using a gear oil additive like Nulon G70 instead?
> Any shared thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
> Thank you.
> Regards, Graham Wilkie.
> BJ8 Moruya NSW Australia.
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