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Hi Bob,

I saw no answer from david, so can give you my approach:
I use a 10 Amps (slow blow) fuse for the OD relay feed (Overdrive solenoid 
pulls 20 Amps when engaging and as soon as engaged - after one second - 
goes down to 1 Amp)

For the rear lights section I have a 10 Amps fuse fitted, doesn´t matter 
slow or fast.

Josef Eckert




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Hi David,
What fuse ratings (amps, slow/fast blow) do you recommend for the OD and 
rear lights section?

Yes that is also another circuit that could take a fuse. The white wire 
that feeds the OD relay could take an inline fuse 
David Nock
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On Dec 19, 2015, at 6:10 PM, Jim Frakes <JimFrakes at frakes-eng.com
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    While I can't disagree with an expert like David, I have seen two
    wiring harnesses destroyed by the OD circuit, one was a failed switch
    and one by a pinched wire to the gear switch. I agree the pinched wire
    was most likely a poor routing and clamping of the wire, but it
    happened. Neither were on my Healey.

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        On Dec 18, 2015, at 10:41 AM, David Nock BCS <
        healeydoc at sbcglobal.net <mailto:healeydoc at sbcglobal.net> > wrote:

        This is the one of the only circuit that really needs to have a
        fuse added to it on the Healey.

         Install an inline fuse holder on the back of the headlight switch
        on the RED wire.  This will fuse the tail lights, dash lights and
        front marker lights.

         The only other circuits that you may need to add a fuse to would
        be the white wire going to the fuel pump, you can install it where
        the harness goes under the car just behind the rear carburettor.

         DO NOT fuse the headlights unless you fuse each individual light,
        left low beam, right low beam, left high beam, right high beam.

        David Nock

        British Car Specialists



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        having seen a couple of wiring harnesses fried from shorts in the
        rear light circuits, I highly recommend fusing the tail light,
        license plate light and brake lights.  seems stuff rolling around
        in the boot/trunk will eventually wear through the  wiring and
        smoke escapes rapidly.  if you check the trunk faithfully, no
        problem.  watch for the loss of the little grommet for the license
        plate light.  very costly if gone.  have I fused my cars?  of
        course not.  will get to it one day.

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