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When I installed a new carpet set in my BJ8 in 1999, I bought a custom-made wool carpet from someone who bought it from England but was not going to use it.  The piece that covers the radius arm box also had the vinyl flap.  I believe it is wrapped around the corner of the box and used to prevent the metal corner from showing through at the seam when the bound edge is rotated 90 degrees and butted against its mating edge (the one that the flap is sewed to).

I could not figure it out at the time because my piece did not have the little flap to cover the bolt head of the radius arm or the hole in it for the bolt.  I kept trying to make the flap into the bolt cover but it didn't work.  Once I saw Stephen's photo of his piece, it became clear to me.  Mine is installed incorrectly and I never did like it.


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That piece is not made correctly. The vinyl flap should not be there and the carpet should all sewn together, and the seam goes on the vertical corner 


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On Dec 19, 2015, at 6:45 AM, Stephen Hutchings <s.hutchings at rogers.com> wrote:

I've just received my carpet set and I'm trying to work out how the piece for the radius arm boxes is to be oriented.

I've studied plenty of photos and see how the strap covering the bolt head works, but I don't understand what to do with the vinyl flap that's been sewn on one edge.(See attachment)

Maybe someone has photos that will make this clear?


Stephen, BJ8<Carpet detail.JPG>

<Carpet detail.JPG>

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