[Healeys] Was the BN4 Ever Delivered New with 4 Wheel Disc Brakes

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In the book Austin-Healey A celebration of the fabulous "Big" Healey by Bill Piggott he writes on page 79 about the "Rare disc braked 100-Six" The author even owned one of these cars in the mid-1980's.

He also claims that there were 50 or so cars equipped with Dunlop disc brakes all around, sometimes in the autumn of 1957. These cars were built around the time that the Austin-Healey production was being transferred from Longbridge to Abingdon and that apparently the brake conversion was performed by the Healey factory at Warwick.

He further adds that Tommy Wisdom 1957 Mille Miglia 100-Six (UOC741) had Dunlop discs fitted all round, so presumably these cars carried a development of that car's braking system.


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Good morning guys

I want to throw a cat amongst the pigeons for your consideration/advice.

Up until yesterday I believed that the only Healey's to ever come out with disk brakes prior to there introduction on
the 3000 MK 1 was on the 100S model and possibly a few Specials

Trawling the net yesterday to see if I could find the contact details for a Healey guy I came across a posting buy
Joe Jarrick the 100 S guru who lives here in Aust.that indicates that there were a least 40 late 1957 BN 4's maybe
even 50 that were produced at either Warwick or maybe Longbridge that were equipped with 4 Wheel  Disk Brakes
prior to leaving the factory. It also appears that a conversion kit was available from the dealers at the time

A quick look through  a number of the usual reference books that I have including Geoff Healey's and Bill Emerson's
books and Roger Moments Restoration Guide makes no reference to there ever being a 100/4 with disk brakes as
standard equipment

What say you, does anyone know anything about this claim and maybe there are a few more secrets out there we
don't know about

The web site in question including some photo's of several supposedly original disk braked cars is as follows


Look forward to your comments

Graeme M

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