[Healeys] Was the BN4 Ever Delivered New with 4 Wheel Disc Brakes

Wilko2 e-wilkins at cox.net
Wed Dec 16 19:38:31 MST 2015

There was a model called a "Mille Miglia" in marketing literature and adverts that mention four wheel disk brakes.

On Dec 16, 2015, at 5:27 PM, Graeme Molony wrote:

> Good morning guys
> I want to throw a cat amongst the pigeons for your consideration/advice.
> Up until yesterday I believed that the only Healey’s to ever come out with disk brakes prior to there introduction on
> the 3000 MK 1 was on the 100S model and possibly a few Specials
> Trawling the net yesterday to see if I could find the contact details for a Healey guy I came across a posting buy
> Joe Jarrick the 100 S guru who lives here in Aust.that indicates that there were a least 40 late 1957 BN 4’s maybe
> even 50 that were produced at either Warwick or maybe Longbridge that were equipped with 4 Wheel  Disk Brakes
> prior to leaving the factory. It also appears that a conversion kit was available from the dealers at the time
> A quick look through  a number of the usual reference books that I have including Geoff Healey’s and Bill Emerson’s
> books and Roger Moments Restoration Guide makes no reference to there ever being a 100/4 with disk brakes as
> standard equipment
> What say you, does anyone know anything about this claim and maybe there are a few more secrets out there we
> don’t know about
> The web site in question including some photo’s of several supposedly original disk braked cars is as follows
> www;healeysix.net/DiscBrakes.htm
> Look forward to your comments
> Graeme M
> BJ8
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