[Healeys] New Classic Technologies Fuse Box

Oudesluys coudesluijs at chello.nl
Wed Dec 16 14:23:57 MST 2015

A good idea to save old technology. The switches are old and have worn a 
fair bit. They have a higher resistance than when new so they develop 
more heat and get damaged that way as they carry the full brunt of the 
circuit they are in. Using relays means that only a very low current is 
going through the switches without developing a lot of heat. Also having 
only two large fuses causes a lot of damage when something goes wrong 
and there is a short. Burnt wires, ego or perhaps the car. Anyway a lot 
of money and time is needed to rewire.
The more modern approach with a proper fuse/relay box will take a fair 
amount of time and some money to install, but it puts your mind at ease.

Kees Oudesluijs

Op 16-12-2015 om 20:07 schreef Linwood Rose:
> Every now and again those of us involved in the restoration of our vintage cars come upon new products that exceed expectations. That has just happened to me and I wanted to share some news about my finding. I have absolutely no financial interest. Those of us who have 60s era cars are used to the ubiquitous two fuse Lucas fuse box, and how limiting it is. A fellow named Marc Goldblatt, A mechanical engineer and owner of Classic Technologies, has developed a very compact Fusebox consisting of seven relays, 15 fuses and 34 wiring positions perfectly suited for our cars and at a very reasonable price.
> Mark is actually working on the restoration of his own Big Healey right now. In addition to the fuse box Marc provides a fantastic wiring schematic and directions and he will also help with the development of a custom wiring harness. Alternatively, great directions are provided for adaptation of the box to an original harness already in place in the car.
> I have just installed one of Marc's boxes in my current project, a 1964 Jaguar Mark 2 and I am a very happy and satisfied customer. I only wish that he had his fuse box on the market when I restored my Healey. Anyway, check out his site, I think you will like what you see. http://www.classic-technologies.com/
> Lin
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