[Healeys] Lucas 576 fog light lens.

Ross rvmaylor at shaw.ca
Sun Dec 6 22:08:32 MST 2015

In June there was a discussion regarding the wiring of the Lucas 576 Spot
and Fog light which I had begun to follow. In the process decided I needed a
new lens for the spot light since the old one had begun to rust. The outer
casing is in good enough shape to keep. So after the standard parts search,
the online purchase, the inevitable part not arriving with the other parts
ordered (it was 'overlooked'), the lens eventually sent and arriving broken,
the replacement sent and finally arriving. Imagine my surprise, not really,
that the lens does not actually fit. The lens arc or the diameter is ever so
slightly too small for  the clamp to  tighten on it. I think with some
fiddling around with some butyl or  rubber gaskets it might not rattle
around but it will look poor.

The original lens is stamped Made in England while the new one just stamped

Has anyone bought a lens recently that fits or has a found a solution to
this, in the grand scheme of things, small problem?


Ross Maylor

1958 BN6 


















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