[Healeys] Wiper blade assembly removal from arm

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Sun Dec 6 09:37:50 MST 2015

The arm has a small, circular, 'tit'--for lack of a better word--on the 
end.  The wiper assembly should have a springy tang that engages the 
'tit;' you pull outward on the tang whilst pulling on the assembly and 
it should slide off, but sometimes it takes a bit of grunt.


On 12/5/2015 5:05 PM, Bruce Steele wrote:
> OK, I’m stumped.  How do you remove the wiper blade assembly from the 
> wiper arm?  The blade assembly rotates about 90 degrees, but from 
> there I cannot figure out how to get it off the arm.  I don’t want to 
> bend the arm or damage the spoon by tugging too hard or jamming stuff 
> into the wrist joint.  Everything I read just says to remove the wiper 
> from the arm.  What’s the trick?
> Bruce Steele
> Brea, CA
> 1960 BN7

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