[Healeys] Longbridge canvas top supplier

Andy Thorp bce257 at yahoo.co.nz
Sun Dec 6 02:14:00 MST 2015

Thanks everyone for the replies. 

This one is my first concern- the early BN4 top is unique and I'd guess that some suppliers may not understand this rather important detail. 

So far it looks like Robbins is the only one who produce the top so that might have to be the deciding factor.


On Sat, 5/12/15, Peter Svilans <peter.svilans at rogers.com> wrote:

 Subject: [Healeys] Longbridge canvas top supplier
 To: healeys at autox.team.net
 Received: Saturday, 5 December, 2015, 5:08 PM
 <<     Robbins also makes a special top for
 us. A BN4 thru BT7 
 top with a zip out window  
 Careful there.  A
 Longbridge top is not the 
 same as an (Abingdon) BN4 thru BT7 top.
 Robbins are indeed the
 best.  Been 
 fitting them since about
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