[Healeys] BN7 Top Frame

Peter Svilans peter.svilans at rogers.com
Sat Dec 5 19:58:51 MST 2015

We're looking at the top frame to be the culprit, but really it is the one thing that's actually pretty consistent from car to car.  The top frame, a tightly rivetted structure that once its locked in its over-center open position, can't really change its dimensions. The bows must line up with the seams of an original or correctly tailored top.

The thing that does change, is the car itself.  Five decades on, most cars have been rebuilt at least once, if not more.  Frames sag and get welded up without jigs, and door pillars shift as sections are replaced during rust repairs. The windshield changes angle slightly.

It is not unusual to fit a set of sidescreens for the first time after a full body resto and find that the front of the screen is not parallel to the windshield post. Its not the sidescreen that's at fault.

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