[Healeys] Longbridge canvas top supplier

Richard Collins gonnagitcha90 at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 5 13:05:14 MST 2015

Is it possible there are 2 soft top frames for  BN7?
My frame just does not quite fit my windshield nor do the hooks I bought from Moss fit either (too long to clamp even when I shortened them to the max. )
But it is from all my sources a BN7 frame...I hate to think it is the wrong windshield on the car.

Richard C

On Dec 4, 2015, at 22:15, Peter Svilans <peter.svilans at rogers.com<mailto:peter.svilans at rogers.com>> wrote:

<<     Robbins also makes a special top for us. A BN4 thru BT7 top with a zip out window   >>

Careful there.  A Longbridge top is not the same as an (Abingdon) BN4 thru BT7 top.

Robbins are indeed the best.  Been fitting them since about 1983.
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